Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quick Tips on Keeping the Elderly Warm

The Elderly suffer when arctic temperatures hit.

We all feel the cold when temperatures dip below zero, but our elderly loved ones truly suffer when arctic blasts blow through.  

The Elderly feel the cold intensely and have greater health risks when temperature drops.  They suffer more in cold weather due to having poor blood circulations in their hands and feet. Some medications thin the blood making matters worse. Inactivity and poor nutrition add to their bodies not handling the cold well.

What can be done to help?

ü  Keep thermostat set above 75*
ü  Wear layers of natural fiber clothing
ü  Use a throw or light weight comforter 
ü  Eat high calories foods & drink hot tea, chocolate or coffee
ü  Heat clothes in dryer before dressing
ü  Seal drafts in house
ü  Use a light hat & mittens to maintain body heat

Simple measures can really help keep your aging loved one safe and comfortable, especially during the bitter cold of winter. 

Kate McCarthy is Director of Operations for HomeAid Health Care which provides services for the elderly who wish to remain safe and independent at home.  HomeAid is sister company to Prairie Home Assisted Living which has served the physical, spiritual, mental and health needs of their Residents since 1999.  Together the two family owned companies provide comprehensive care for the elderly in the Fox Valley of Wisconsin.