Thursday, August 13, 2015

Superfoods can maximize Senior Health

What you eat can make all the difference with how you age.

Nutrition has always been important, but it’s an especially valuable consideration for aging seniors who can no longer rely on the natural robustness of their body. Here are the top superfoods for seniors and how they can help reduce the problems of aging.

These tiny little spheres have more antioxidants by volume than any other fruit or vegetable - which makes them absolutely phenomenal at helping ward off problems such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. They’re also good for boosting brain power, making it easier to remember the important things in life.

 Contrary to the old song, beans aren’t a fruit - but they are an excellent source of dietary fiber, calcium (for aging bones), vitamins, and protein. Many beans also contain high amounts of antioxidants - red, black, kidney, and pinto beans are especially good sources.
Seniors living near the ocean can look into getting more salmon into their diets. Professionals recommend having at least two servings of salmon a week in order to gain all the benefits, and this wonderful fish has been associated with a reduced risk of heart disease… and it’s one of the best ways of getting omega-3 fatty acids.

Steelcut Oats
When most people think of oats, they imagine the rolled kind often used in oatmeal… but the steelcut process works to retain considerably more protein and fiber. The latter is especially valuable for diabetics, since it helps to improve overall blood sugar levels.

Greek Yogurt
Anyone who’s had an upset stomach knows how important it is to keep your digestive system in good condition… and Greek Yogurt is packed with probiotics that do precisely that. Many people enjoy eating it with fruit as a way of creating a healthy afternoon snack, but it’s also good in smoothies if you’d prefer to drink it down instead.

Coconut Oil
This fantastic oil contains healthy fats that help seniors maintain a healthy, balanced weight. While most people don’t suggest consuming it raw, it makes an excellent replacement for butter and can be added to drinks and baked goods.

Oranges are famous for their high amount of Vitamin C, but this leafy green vegetable is packed with even more of it! Kale also has an incredible amount of iron, as well as enough omega-3 fatty acids to compare favorably to fish. Next time you have a salad, look into tossing some kale in!

The plant behind chocolate, cocoa is excellent at lowering blood pressure - and it also releases endorphins that can improve your mood, making it the ideal treat for seniors struggling with depression.

Too much cholesterol is bad, but eggs contain literally everything a baby chicken needs to develop into a hatchling - and they’re especially good for preventing degeneration in the eyes.

Sweet Potato
 In addition to being another great source of fiber and antioxidants, one sweet potato has more than the recommended minimum amount of Vitamin A. There’s no need to worry about overdosing, either - the human body can consume far more than the recommended amounts of most vitamins and suffer no ill effects.

Olive Oil
This popular cooking oil is outstanding at preventing and alleviating the effects of osteoporosis, since it’s able to significantly improve overall bone mineralization. This should be a popular choice in the diets of any seniors worried about weak bones. While most olive oil is only good for a year - it loses its potency after that - seniors can look for shopping discounts to ensure they always have some on the shelf.

Avocados aren’t just another good source of omega-3 fatty acids - they also improve the body’s ability to use and absorb other nutrients, making them ideal for maximizing the results of any nutrition plan.

Eating healthy isn’t just something that doctors recommend - when a good nutrition plan is followed, many of the maladies of age can have their effects reduced or even eliminated outright. Next time you go shopping, look for the items on this list and start integrating them into your diet - the earlier you start, the easier it is to make healthy eating into a healthy habit.

Originally born in Flagstaff, Arizona, Felicity Dryer was raised by her parents (more or less modern-day hippies) to always make her health a top priority. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career as a freelance health writer, and continues to help those seeking encouragement to keep moving forward to achieve their goals.  As a guest writing for HomeAid Health Care’s Elder Topics, Felicity bring her expertise to our audience.

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